Why Have I Never Written A Blog Before?

Why Have I Never Written A Blog Before?

Everyone knows starting something new is scary, let alone in the public domain. I am no different. I have been afraid to start a blog and I would constantly think about "What if" situations. I guess I don't care anymore. Why now? we all get to this point where we realize enough is enough, also if I want to do something I should just do it and not worry about all those outcomes that I have no clue of.

Let's talk about the real question why you might be reading this: why have I never written anything in the public domain until now? I am going to list a few reasons and I think a lot of you can relate.

Negative feedback

I wasn't thinking of positive things people might say and the encouragements I would get. Instead, I was more concerned about negative feedback. I was worried that people would make fun of me and suggest my content sucks.

I firmly believe most people are nice and friendly, and we have less than 2% who intentionally make others' lives difficult. I will apply my belief online too, keep blogging and not let negativity get into my head.

Perfection n Scarcity

I wouldn't be honest if I say wasn't scared to write and share my content on the internet. I was and am constantly thinking I don't know better and have nothing important to share and everything is already available on the internet. I was looking for uniqueness and perfection in my very first articles. I have come to the realization nobody cares and I can never achieve perfection as there's always going to be something that I can work on.

Language Warriors

I have been afraid of all those language warriors too who won't hesitate on telling me "article is not formatted well" or "grammar isn't right". I have convinced myself that I wasn't born a writer. I will be welcoming those feedback and asking questions to improve, but not going to let me stop from writing online.


I could list a million reasons but at the end of the day, I wasn't doing the work. I got to admit I was lazy. All the concerns I listed above are genuine but I never had anything ready to be published. Understandably, I was scared of negative feedback, grammar, or scared of public, but I didn't necessarily have had anything ready to go once I overcome those barriers. If I want to write online, I have to have something ready to publish, just thinking of it won't do.

It won't be true if I say once this article is published, I would have overcome all my fears. I have realized everything you do in life is a journey, seeking perfection and thinking of millions of things all the time make me go crazy and end up doing nothing.

Thanks for reading.